Trithor is an Australian designed and tested physical termite barrier. It provides effective termite protection in excess of 50 years and carries a $100,000 termite damage warranty.


  1. Trithor is A PHYSICAL TERMITE BARRIER that protects your property by preventing the entry of termites. This is because termites can’t get through the unique weave of the fibrous blanket incorporated within Trithor...
  2. And Trithor contains crystals of a highly potent termite control agent that REPELS TERMITES, driving them away from your property
  3. Plus the active ingredient in Trithor KILLS TERMITES FAST, so any particularly tough termite that might actually penetrate into the Trithor membrane is quickly eliminated before it has any chance of entering your property.


The control agent in Trithor is deltamethrin, an insecticide that is modelled on natural pyrethrins produced by the Chrysanthemum daisy, nature’s own cure for insect problems.

Consequently it is low toxic to warm-blooded animals, though deadly to termites and other insects. Better still, deltamethrin both kills and strongly repels termites. The fibre blanket within Trithor is a truly unique blend of fibres that adds to the durability and effectiveness of Trithor Termite Protection.

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