There are a few different options available for termite treatment such as:

  • Exterra Monitoring & Baiting Program
  • Reticulation System
  • Physical Barriers

Chemical Treatments

Treatments carried out to AS3660.2.

  • Drill hols in patios, verandah steps or paths adjacent to the external walls of your home & inject termite control agents to form a horizontal barrier
  • Trench and treat soil abutting substructure walls and piers and external walls
  • With any full treatment we come back in 1month after the chemical has been applied to check for activity & to make sure the chemical has settled
  • In six months from the original inspection we do another full inspection of your property.

Products we use:


Install 1-2 Above-ground stations inside your property, fill with Requiem termite bait.

Once termites are eliminated from inside your home In-ground stations are set up outside & are monitored.

If we find termites in one of the stations, we add the Requiem Termite Bait. The termite digests the bait & brings it back to the nest, eliminating the colony.

  • Exterra is a termite monitoring & baiting program.
  • Unique termite Interception Zone which protects your home.
  • Focus Termite Attractant draws termites into the Exterra stations.
  • Preferred eucalypt timbers ensure termites enter stations.
  • Safe for you, your pets & the environment.
  • Eliminates the termite colony.

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