Insure your property against termite damage by having an Altis system — designed to offer 50 years plus resistance.

With termites averaging hits on as much as one in three constructions, spraying with chemicals only does not make sense, as chemicals have a short life span.

An Altis anti-termite system allows replenishment of chemicals at any point throughout the 50 years plus life of the system.

And when your investment is divided by the 50 year life of a system, it works out to only a few dollars per month for superior protection and peace of mind. Protect your family and the environment through an Altis anti-termite system. Avoid expensive re-treatments at the end of a chemical's life. Normal termite barriers rely on spraying chemicals at the site or around your property. This damages the environment AND puts you or your family at risk of contamination. With other systems, holes are drilled internally into the slab. This can cause damage to the building, including damage to a builder’s plastic membrane if installed under the slab, creating further for termites in the future.

The drilling procedure is expensive and disruptive and must occur at the end of the life of chemical spray which has a very short lifespan of just a few years.

Another disadvantage of other systems is that chemical smells can return to the building during pumping when drilled this way.

With an Altis anti-termite irrigation system, chemicals will be pumped under the slab when concrete is dried avoiding exposure to chemicals for builders, neighbours and occupants. An Altis system is also environmentally responsible in avoiding exposure to spray drift as pumping of chemicals takes place after concrete has dried.

Gain the Altis advantage. Using Altis offers you many benefits and advantages. Some of the advantages are:

  • A greater return on your investment.
  • Health protection for the whole family.
  • Superior protection for your home or investment.
  • Environmentally friendly anti-termite treatment.
  • Our superior quality assurance, including the highest certificate ratings available in Australia.
  • Proven technology.
  • We have successfully been operating the Altis system since 1992.
  • Continuing Research and Development.
  • Functionality over the lifetime of your property (50+ years)

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