• Termites are a serious pest in Australia, and termite infestation in houses is 5 times more likely to occur than a fire. Termites are social insects, most persistent and destructive in nature. That’s why you need REGULAR INSPECTIONS. Don’t be another one of those 5 houses.
  • The Australian Standard and the Australian Building Standards Advisory Council recommend inspections at least every 12 months. Your Termite Engineer will perform this inspection for you.
  • To carry out this inspection we can use specialised pieces of equipment, including a Donger, Moisture Meter, Termatrac & Thermal Imaging Camera.
  • The donger is used to sound timbers on the inside of your home checking window sills, door frames, skirting boards & any other exposed timbers. The moisture meter is used to check moisture levels in your walls & skirtings.
  • Once completed the inspection, we will briefly explain our findings in person & provide you, a full written report. If treatment is required, we give you a written quotation with all the prices broken down with different options available to you. Appropriate recommendations on different treatments and measures, to help ensure the security of your home will be outlined.
  • We also have the option of having a TimberSafe Timber Replacement Warranty, for an additional $100. Further information can be found under our termite warranties page.
  • We carry out a Timber Pest Inspection to AS 4349.3 with a written report and recommendations, which takes approximately 1 1/2- 2hrs to do, inspecting your home for Termites, Borers & Fungi.
  • An extensive AUSTRALIAN STANDARD (AS3660 Protection of buildings from subterranean termites) deals with protecting homes from termite attack. This standard provides minimum guidelines for home owners, builders & pest controllers on termite control & protection.
  • Latest equipment technology.
  • If you find any evidence of termites, damaged timbers, mud workings, then immediately contact your licensed Termite Engineer.
  • Do not disturb the workings in any way. Left undisturbed your Termite Engineer will be better able to tailor an eradication program to suit your home.

To help or discourage termites:

  • Fix leaking water pipes and drains.
  • Improve sub-floor ventilation, drainage and access, i.e.: remove all timber debris/off-cuts.
  • Ensure concrete slab is fully exposed.
  • Do not leave timber formwork behind, especially under a suspended floor construction
  • Avoid storing condusive elements (timber stacks, old stumps, building refuse, firewood) near buildings.
  • Use termite resistant timber (naturally resistant or treated - ask a timber supplier)

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