Granitgard is the choice for long-life non-toxic termite protection for new construction. Granitgard works and won't harm you or the environment.

Granitgard stone has been assessed by the Australian Environmental Labelling Association as the most sustainable physical termite barrier.

Add value to your home. Granitgard is an investment that adds long-term value to your new home. Chemical barriers are poisons in the environment and may devalue your investment (just as asbestos has done). Purchasers of buildings with Granitgard barriers know that they can expect lower ongoing maintenance costs.

You can rest easy knowing that Granitgard has been developed over more than 15 yrs in conjunction with CSIRO & is used successfully in more than 150,000 buildings across Australia. Granitgard is installed in compliance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (Granitgard was the first Nationally Accredited termite barrier system) and CSIRO Appraisals 250, 269 & 314.

Granitgard barriers give “whole-of-home” termite protection which extends beyond structural components to include all timber in the building, such as kitchen and bathroom joinery, as well as electrical wiring and plaster. This complete protection is achieved without exposure to pesticides. The costs, health risks and inconveniance of retreatments, which are essential for chemical barriers, are avoided with Granitgard.

To obtain standard details of Granitgard installations and a specification, download the Technical Guide (see below) or contact your local licensed Granitgard installer. Standard installation diagrams are also found in AS 3660.1

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