We carry out treatments to manage your pest problems. Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Rodents, Fleas, Flies, Bees, Wasps, Earwigs & Millipedes.

Ants & Spiders

We treat:

  • Roof void
  • Inside the house as required
  • Under the house via vents, if applicable (subfloor)
  • Barrier of the house
  • Inject doors and window frames
  • Treat the eaves and the gutters
  • Paths and garden edges
  • Base of trees closest to the house
  • And the fence line


We treat:

  • All interior breeding harbourages floor and wall edges and carpet areas as required
  • We use a gel which the cockroaches take back to the nest
  • We gas the interior and you need to vacate for 4 hours
  • We dust (compressed) in the roof and underneath the house


We place 5 x20 grams blocks every 3m/2 in a roof void and sub-floor, and any other places required internally i.e. kitchen, behind ovens, split level roof areas.

Once eradication is achieved, locating the entry point into the house takes experience, once found by our technician sealing off details will be provided. This completed by the client 10 14 days after treatment.

Fleas & Flies

We treat:

  • The floor coverings
  • Subfloor area and all grounds
  • Space treat the interior and the house has to be vacated for 4 hours

Bees & Wasps

We use a compressor and a powder gun to blow powder into the crack, hole or crevice by placing the nozzle of the gun into the entry point. (Nest of hive)

If reinfestation occurs at the exact same entry point within 3months we come back and treat free of charge.


We treat:

  • The interior as required
  • Spray the carpet and floor edges
  • Roof void and subfloor areas
  • Any cupboards

Earwigs/ Millipedes

We treat:

  • The interior as required
  • Around the perimeter of the building and the breeding areas.

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