Don't be eaten out of house and home … protect yourself with Pacific International Insurance Limited TimberSecure®

Termites can literally eat you out of house and home!

Australia has the most destructive termites in the world. A recent CSIRO survey revealed more than one in every five homes had termite damage, with an estimated damage bill of more than $100 million every year.

What Do You Know About Termites in Australia?

Chances are - very little. In fact, you may not even know you have termites in your home, until it is too late. Our most important termite species live in underground nests containing up to two million wood eating termites.

That's a lot of hungry mouths that travel fifty metres, or more, in search of food. And your home provides them with a smorgasbord to feast upon. The trouble is, as the termites travel underground, and enter your home by concealed mud tunnels, you may have no idea they're ready to devour your place.

Termites get right inside the timber to feed. So they may be feasting away, hidden in your walls, or hollowing out the support timbers in your roof, without you knowing. They could also be dining on the timbers in your subfloor.

And please don't think that just because your home is built on a concrete slab you're safe from marauding termites. Termites build shelter tubes over the edge of slabs, or enter through shrinkage cracks and around pipes. When they're hungry, and that's all the time, nothing will stop a termite grabbing a quick lunch.

It's a Worry

Imagine what it would feel like to move into your dream home, and find it devastated by termites.

It happens, and that is the worry. A big worry, because even after having a timber pest inspection, it is not uncommon for termite damage to be discovered. You see the presence of termites often only revealed when you start to renovate. The other big worry is that your Home Insurance will not protect you.

It's a Bigger Worry to find out the Hard Way.

Greg & Chris Johnson thought they were doing it the right way when they moved into their new home. Well, why not? In their hands was a report showing the house was free of termites. May be so, but within a few months they were confronted with their worst nightmare. Their home had been eaten by termites, a big dinner bill that amounted to $100,000.

So How do you Sleep Easy

What you do is arrange for a Timber Pest Inspection by a Pacific International TimberSecure Accredited Inspector.

The warranty is $360 for 5 years and to be combined with a termite management program. Then you can enjoy the protection of the Pacific International TimberSecure Warranty. Annual inspections need to be completed to carry the warranty over every 12 months for the 5 year period.

Now you have Total Security

If during the next twelve months termites enter your home, or you renovate and discover termite damage - you don't have to panic. It's a no worry situation because you will be covered for the treatment and repairs!

A big weight off your shoulders

The Timbersecure Warranty is underwritten by a specialist termite insurer, Pacific International Insurance Limited. It gives you the security of being protected by a company that understands the devastation these pests can cause. So it's a big weight off your shoulders. Plus you are assured that claims can be settled quickly.

What if there are termites?

A good question. But be assured, you can still enjoy the benefits of timber replacement warranty providing an approved termite management program implemented.

And Next Year is Just as Good

No worries about the next year because your TimberSecure Warranty can be renewed each year by having a further inspection. If conditions look like they may be attractive to termites, you fix the problems. Then your TimberSecure Warranty will keep you protected again.

Got a Commercial Property?

TimberSecure is available for commercial premises as well. After all, termites don't discriminate when it comes to a good feed. And we don't discriminate either! Pacific International TimberSecure is there to protect your business.

With your Pacific International TimberSecure Warranty in place, we hope you'll never experience termite problems.

But just in case you do isn't it good to know you'll be fully compensated for the damage they cause.

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